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  • As the leading business network for the peninsula, the South Surrey & White Rock Chamber of Commerce messaging reaches many businesses and community stakeholders. Our updates are a valuable source of information about what is happening in the region.


    Are you ready to take your business to new heights? Look no further than the South Surrey & White Rock Chamber of Commerce! As a valued member, you gain access to a plethora of unparalleled marketing opportunities designed to boost your brand visibility, drive traffic to your events, and connect with your target audience like never before.

    For additional Information about the South Surrey & White Rock Chamber's target markets and demographics please click here.


    Here's what's in store for you:

    1. Member Feature Email: Imagine your business showcased in front of over 1800 eager subscribers, with an impressive open rate of over 45%! That's right - our Member Feature Email puts your brand directly in the spotlight, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement. Whether you're promoting a special offer, announcing an exciting event, or sharing your latest success story, this is your chance to captivate our diverse audience and leave a lasting impression.

    2. Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: Planning a grand opening, re-opening, or simply celebrating a milestone? Let us roll out the red carpet for you! Our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is the perfect opportunity to make a splash in the local community, garner media attention, and establish your presence as a thriving business. We'll coordinate all the logistics and invite our extensive network of members and partners to join in the celebration, ensuring your special day is nothing short of memorable.

    3. Event Ticketing Platform: Say goodbye to cumbersome ticketing systems and hello to seamless simplicity! Our brand-new Event Ticketing Platform empowers you to sell tickets directly through the Chamber's website, streamlining the process for both you and your attendees. But that's not all - we'll also promote your event through our various channels, extending your reach and driving ticket sales even further. Whether it's a workshop, seminar, fundraiser, or networking mixer, we're here to help you pack the house and make a splash in the local scene.


    See below for more details about each of these opportunities. Have more questions? Please email marketing@sswrchamber.ca or call 604-536-6844!


  • Member Feature Member Feature

    Unlock the potential of precision-targeted marketing with our exclusive direct marketing Member Feature Newsletter!

    Imagine reaching your ideal audience—no more guesswork, just results. Our meticulously curated subscriber list of 1800+ individuals within your local demographic ensures your message resonates with those who matter most.

    As a not-for-profit organization, we're offering a limited $500 paid feature to supercharge your outreach.  Don't just communicate, connect.  Elevate your impact and drive conversions with our targeted, direct marketing Member Feature Newsletter—your key to making every message count!

    Member Features deliver your message to our mailing list of over 2000 contacts with an average open rate of over 45% – higher than the industry average of approximately 36%!

    Those who wish to send a Member Features can expect the following:

    • A dedicated email sent out to the Chamber membership and followers
    • A social media post on all Chamber channels with the same messaging
    • Full customization to the business’ content and images
    • Overview of design, layout consultation, and editing by the Chamber team
    • Forwarding of inquiries/referrals as they are received by the Chamber to your business

    To see previous Member Features, click here!

    Please contact the Chamber Team at marketing@sswrchamber.ca or call 604-536-6844 for pricing and details.

    Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

    If your business is holding a grand opening or unveiling, the Chamber can help advertise and facilitate a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate.

    Members who wish to take advantage of this opportunity can expect the following:

    • Promotion of your event via Chamber marketing channels
    • A Member Feature (e-blast, social media post across all channels, etc.)
    • 8 feet worth of ribbon and large pair of shears for official ribbon cutting

    Recent cutting ceremony here.

    Please contact the Chamber Team at marketing@sswrchamber.ca or call 604-536-6844 for pricing and details.


    Event Ticketing Platform Event Ticketing Platform

    Introducing the Next Level of Event Ticketing with the South Surrey & White Rock Chamber of Commerce!

    Are you a member looking to sell tickets for your upcoming event hassle-free? Look no further! The South Surrey & White Rock Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to present our brand-new Event Ticketing Platform – a golden opportunity for our members to streamline ticket sales and boost event attendance like never before!

    Here's what our exclusive Event Ticketing Platform has in store for you:

    • Effortless Ticket Sales: Say goodbye to the complexities of managing ticket sales. With our platform, you can easily set up your event, customize ticket types, and start selling in minutes. It's quick, it's simple, and it's designed to save you time and effort.
    • Promotional Powerhouse: We don't just stop at ticket sales – we go the extra mile to ensure your event gets the attention it deserves. Benefit from our extensive marketing reach as we promote your event through our Chamber Newsletter, social media campaigns, and email blasts to our loyal subscribers.
    • Prime Event Visibility: Your event will take centre stage on our Community Events Calendar, reaching a wide audience of potential attendees. Plus, we'll provide a direct link to ticket purchases, making it seamless for interested individuals to secure their spot at your event.
    • Supporting Local Business: By utilizing our Event Ticketing Platform, you're not just benefiting your own event – you're contributing to the growth and vitality of our local business community. Together, we can create memorable experiences and drive economic prosperity for all.

    And the best part? All of these incredible features come at a small fee, ensuring that you get maximum value for your investment. Let us handle the logistics while you focus on delivering an unforgettable event experience.


    Ready to elevate your event to new heights? Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity! Contact us today to learn more about how you can leverage the South Surrey & White Rock Chamber of Commerce's Event Ticketing Platform for your next big event.

    Join us in shaping the future of event ticketing – together, we can make every event a resounding success!

    Contact us at marketing@sswrchamber.ca or call (604)536-6844 for pricing and details.

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