• Mission Statement:

    Our mission is to support the economic and social well being of our community and to be a voice for the concerns of our members.

    Vision Statement:

    The South Surrey & White Rock Chamber of Commerce is committed to the economic and social well-being of the entire peninsula community and to make the area the most prosperous and favorable place to do business. Chamber efforts–such as sharing community information, supporting community events and initiatives, and peninsula business development–cultivate a sense of community, prosperity and benefit both business and residents.

    The South Surrey & White Rock (SSWR) Chamber of Commerce was established in 1937 to promote business and economic growth on the peninsula and has been the voice for business on the peninsula for over 75 years. The area, as well as business on the peninsula, has grown tremendously since then and, today, the Chamber continues to be an active voice in establishing the peninsula as an area of opportunity and economic well-being.

    In addition to providing access to resources, support and marketing opportunities necessary to facilitate a healthy business community, the SSWR Chamber initiates programs and events, works closely with local government and forms committees dedicated to proactively addressing issues of interest and concern that affect its members and the community. Through these important partnerships, the Chamber – as a collective – is able to accomplish more than an individual business or community member could on their own.