• Zapoteca Mexican Grill & Seafood

    Zapoteca Mexican Grill & Seafood



    About Us

    From Mexico to White Rock we have come to share our love of food and quality with the community. In early 2017 three friends formed a company and we sought out to find a great location to launch a restaurant with a specific menu in mind. We needed to find a place that would appreciate the fresh ingredients, refined flavours and quality service we planned to provide.

    It took a lot of time to decide but we picked White Rock along the beachfront. The view, the people, the life style out here is something right out of a movie.

    Next we had to renovate the space into something that felt more like home. A warm inviting space of distinctive style and comfort. Something with just a touch of 'awe'.

    Our goal is not to just be different than everyone else, but everything we do must be done with love. We're going to serve traditional and popular Mexican dishes. But we won't limit ourselves and will continue to evolve and be inspired by new flavours and ideas.


    Thank you to our generous Pillar Partners


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