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    About Us

    South Surrey Fitness For Women – Fun & Fast Results.
    Whether you are a beginner, or you have a long established exercise routine, if it's time for a change, lets get started.

    We are a place where women can have fun, be friends, feel safe and get the best fitness results to meet your goals.

    We think judgment is kinda like a loaded gun. We strongly recommend you don’t carry any, and at very least check it at the door since we are a judgment free zone. In our view, when people move in any healthy way, in any healthy environment, place or mode, we celebrate them!

    Hop on our new water rowers or treadmills for your warm up in the waters off Hawaii or the canals of Venice Italy. In fact, anywhere in the world. Warm up with the water rowers in the comfort of our studio while you explore new places around the world. Imagine starting each day exploring new exotic destinations, while you are actually getting healthier. Tell your coworkers you spent the morning rowing in Barcelona.

    Sure the fragrance is nice and the atmosphere is exceptional, but in our studio we provide you with your own mat, with your name on it, that you and only you, will use. You needn't bring towels or water bottles... we got you covered with your own personal studio. We take specially pampered to a new level.

    We have a full scale personal training system, water-rowers, treadmills, weights, benches, suspension trainers, bags, balls and the list goes on. The only thing missing ... is you !

    Nutrition plans and counselling also provided.

    Fundamental-movement is the basis of physical literacy. We put the fun back in fundamental-movement.

    We also offer online personal training and online nutrition !