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    I help busy professionals make smart choices about money so they don't have to worry about it later in life

    What will your life look like? Will you be going to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, or greeting people at Walmart? Will you live as you please in your own house, or stuck in an old-folks home? Will you eat steak for dinner, or two-minute noodles?

    In talking to hundreds of people, I have found that everyone wants these four things;
    1. A home filled with love,
    2. Friends and family to spend time with,
    3. A hobby to keep you young (travel, golf or sudoku) and,
    4. Money to support your lifestyle

    Out of these - the AMOUNT of money you get tells you how well you can do the other three. It tells you if you
    - ... live in the "in-law" basement suite or host Thanksgiving dinner at your own house
    - ... drink senior's discount coffee at McDonald's, or champagne for your 70th birthday
    - ... baby-sit the grandkids or take them to Disneyland in the summer

    Yet most people are in the dark. When someone asks, they say they "will be fine," that they "are good"... but they don't know.

    They don't know what their retirement will look like.
    They don't know how much money they will have when they retire.
    They don't know if it will be enough to support their lifestyle.
    They don't know if they will end up working in their 70s or 80s.
    They don't know who they will be spending their time with

    They guess. They hope. They wish. They don't know if they will be 'okay'.

    I help my clients answer that question, "will I be okay?"

    I help my clients gain peace of mind that they will be okay. I help them feel secure today, knowing that they will be okay.

    My practice is open to 3 new clients this month.

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