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    CityMed Medical Clinic and Pharmacy is a leading healthcare provider committed to meeting diverse community needs. Our Medication Services include safe disposal, home monitoring, and free blister packs for timely medication intake. Enjoy free prescription renewal, medication reviews, and expert advice for Smoking Cessation. Explore our comprehensive range, from vaccinations to blood pressure checks, ensuring your well-being.

    Experience convenience with our Home Monitoring Program, where licensed professionals provide daily visits for medication oversight and equipment selection. Benefit from our Compounding Pharmacy, creating specialized compounds tailored to your health concerns.

    CityMed excels in Prescription Services, offering convenient renewals for up to two years. Our Expert Care for Minor Illnesses provides prompt relief for 21 conditions, enhancing accessibility. The Medication Management Solution, Connected Care, addresses non-adherence through home visits and device usage training.

    For Chronic and Complex Care, trust our High-Quality Family Practice, catering to diabetes, hypertension, mental health, and more. Diagnostic and Family Care Services include referrals for tests and comprehensive primary care for all ages.

    Explore our Specialized Services for WCB and ICBC Claims, Screening Exams, and Holter Monitor evaluations. Additional Medical Services cover wound care, immunization, trigger point injections, and an onsite pharmacy.

    CityMed Pharmacy embraces a holistic approach to healthcare, ensuring improved patient outcomes through Connected Care and Medicati

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