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  • Support Local

    Offer Valid: 04/21/2020 - 07/31/2020
    We are open!
    Retail. Wholesale: We are open!

    We practice social distancing and disinfect and wash our hands, doors knobs and counters regularly. Come and visit us, with no fear, and enjoy the spring.

    Help us to keep open to help our government and our economy in these difficult times.

    Most of us are sitting home. Let us take advantage of this precious time. Leave the TV for after dinner. Enjoy the family that you loved dearly and your home that you end up paying for most of your life time and only use most time to eat and sleep. Go out to your garden and start the projects that you put on hold for a while. Plant a tree with your kid. Beautify your garden with annuals and perennials. This is the time to work hard to brighten up your life and the life of people around you.

    Basically, You still can enjoy your life and do the things that you like as long as you know your enemy and know how to protect yourself and your family.

    Keep in mind, these hard times will be over soon.

    For more details: www.tristarnurseries.com

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