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    Offer Valid: 03/24/2020 - 04/14/2020
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    We know when working out at home it can be hard to maintain your motivation. Some people don’t have exercise equipment, don't know where to start, and some simply don't have a support system.⁣

    We wanted to solve that problem with professional direction, accountability and support!⁣

    We have launched a FREE Private Facebook Community and we also partnered with Trainerize to launch a 30-day PROGRAM that will provide you even more structure, professional guidance & support to keep you going. The best part? The challenge starts when you do so that anyone can jump in and start when they are ready.⁣

    To join the Facebook Community : www.facebook.com/groups/beatthebug

    To register for the Program: www.beatthebug.ca⁣

    By joining our program you will receive:⁣

    * 30 days of fitness tips

    * 30 days of online fitness & nutritional support

    * 30-day at home workout program

    * Connected online community through private Facebook group

    The cost for the program is $199.00. However, $99.00 will go to a COVID-19 Relief Fund.⁣

    Contact us on Facebook for more info!

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